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Are there such leaders still?

13/03/2010 12:31:04 R. Sajan

Dear HK readers,

Below is a true experience by an HK reader. Its an example to all how to serve our nation selflessly without any publicity....'Simple living and high thinking'.


I happened to meet Kummanam Rajasekharan last week. It was only our second meeting. On both occasions, we discussed Sabarimala matters; and he did not share my views on most things. But he suddenly asked me whether I would like to visit Thiruvannamalai with him. I agreed because he was after all, MD of a big newspaper, among other things; and it would be a posh trip. An AC car would be certain, security assistants would look after all movements.

The next day, I was shocked to find him and his companion CG Rajagopal, the Media Head of the VHP inviting me to join them in the Second Class compartment of a night train. Morning found us getting fresh in the Retiring Room of Erode Station, not even single room Hotel accommodation. In to Jolarpettai Passenger to Samalpatti, and two hours of ordinary bus from there to Thiruvannanmalai; Rajagopal helping both of us older men with our bags!

Lunch at the Aum Amma Ashram, of plain rice and a vegetable curry; but cooked and served benevolently by the Amma’s only Attendant and Manager, Swami Samahithananda, with us seated on the floor. Amma’s rare Darshan, though it was not a Darshan Day, and Kummanam arranges a simple garland and fruits beautifully on a steel plate, to offer it very reverently and gracefully to the Amma. Amma blesses us and we leave for the Town, me looking forward to a Hotel room with TV and amenities, preferably AC.

My friends take me instead to the District Kaaryaalay of the RSS. Smart RSS boys solicitously welcome us. The VIP Room is forced on me by Kummanam who sleeps on the floor without a bed along with the others in the Hall. The VIP Room has a cot, no bed! But I fall into sound sleep immediately.

Early morning and we go around the Town, to the Arunachala temple, Ramana Ashram etc. No AC Car to travel. There are three TVS 50s. Kamaraj, the District Karyavah, rides one with CG Rajagopal on the pillion; Sewa Pramukh for two States, Padmakumar carries Kummanam; and Pavendran carries me because I want to move slower. Midday meal at Ramanasram’s free food offer. Back to Kaaryaalay for a nap and into a Bus to Salem; and Second class again on a Train to Ernakulam. Kummanam carefully wakes me up at 3. 30 AM to get down at Aluva.

I have journey-ed with many VIPs and journalists, minor and big time. But this was an eye-opener adventure for me. What did I get out of the trip other than the spiritual glow? I usually take an Auto or Taxi to my house at Desam; or ask someone to bring the car. This time however, I wait at the Bus Stand till 5.30 for the Bus. At home, the wife rushes to make tea for me. I tell her to go back to sleep; tea can wait for the usual morning hour.

14/03/2010 06:55:41 Pranamams Mahathma
My humble pranamams to this most noble leader. Kummanam ji, it is great leaders like you that Karyakarthas are able to carry on the great burdens without complaint. Your life is a lesson of true Hindu lifestyle. I wish sure all those higher up in the BJP will read this and start measuring up themselves upto the likes of Sri Kummanam.
14/03/2010 04:58:47 He takes everything in his stride.
In the late 80s I worked in Janmabhoomi for a brief period, staying in the Sangha karyalayam in the next compound. Rajatten of course was the editor at that time and was also staying in the karyalayam. On most days Rajatten would be in the office till 11 pm or even later and I would be with him, not because I also had work but because it was such a joy being in his company and I wished to accompany him back to the karyalayam. We would return to the karyalayam and our dinner would be waiting for us, with everyone else having gone to bed, including the cook. So it was self-service. However, there were many nights when there would be only little food left because there might have been unexpected guests at the karyalay. On days such as these, Rajatten would insist on me getting the bigger share and be satisfied with less. But on certain nights, when karyakarthas may have unexpectedly gone elsewhere, there would be ample food left and both of us would have hearty meals. He would say, we have the finish the whole thing. And he would repeat his favourite bhojan mantra - Ullappam Onam illathappam karkidakam! Did it ever cross his mind to complain when he had to starve? Never. He is a person who is able to take everything in his stride. No wonder swayamsevaks love him.
13/03/2010 23:15:01 True SwayamSevak
No wonder, he is a true SwayamSevak.
manoj nair
13/03/2010 22:14:27 simple living
dear all, Kummanam's life is an example for all. His way of living is much much simple than what stated hear. You can see him many times he is taking dinner at "Tattu Kada" alone. Due to non availability of transportation, he used to walk kilometers. there are many examples. we can write a big book about his life. His life is completely dedicated for the Hindu society.
13/03/2010 22:18:13 Leaders need to use the opportunity
This is a good article. Rajsekharan and Rajagopal have access to Amma and its manager.

Did they use the opportunity to tell Amma or amma's manager that Amma's TV is misused by commie management/infiltrators and they are carrying -ve propaganda against Hindus and Hindu culture..
13/03/2010 22:06:27 We need more Kummanam
we need hundreds of Kummanam in kerala. i pray god for his long life to serve the hindu society in kerala
T.K. Manu
13/03/2010 22:00:32 Its really surprised!!!
Hi... I am really surprised to read this information. I saw Kummanam few occassions in TV only and the whole Keralites knows him since long time specially after Nilakkal movement. Being a state leader and the spokeperson of Kerala Hindus, I never thought his way living is like this. Because in our experience a small Panchayat member of also travelling in a/c car with 2-3 assistance.... thanks Mr. sajan and HK for sharing this great information....
13/03/2010 15:11:30 yes this is their life
Yes.Kummanam is an example of the numerous dedicated hindus who are too simple and their motto is not their comfort,but comfort of all hindus .High in their posts,in the hindu social ladder,these men serve us with such dedication without paying any attention to their age or ailments.
I happened to know few of them.Padmanabha swamy of Chalakudy seems to me one of the same.His house is oppen for any one coming .You will certainly get a good simple meal with love and attendance.A place to rest and
freshen up and there you see the simplicity of a great man dedicated to hindu wellbeing. There are many many others.Most of the them endure such hardships with such motivation that aa a common person we start feeling so low in front of them.My little association I had with these people had been an eye opener for me

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